About Us

We  solve the  problems  that prevent 1-phase power supplies such as renewable energy systems, generators or rural networks from running more powerful 3-phase motors. Our products will start motors where they could not otherwise be started. They will give “mains” quality power supply where fluctuations in frequency and voltage would otherwise be damaging, and they will start high inertia loads when otherwise the motor would not be able to rotate the load. Fastec products improve the output capacity of the power supply.

Our Products

Fastec products  solve the problem caused by in-rush current: by fluctuations on the supply: or by the inertia of the load.

  • Fastec Start. For starting 3-phase motors from a 1-phase supply without causing in-rush current. Available in 50 and 60Hz and with  230V and 400V supply.
  • Fastec Engage.  A “two stage” centrifugal clutch allowing high inertia loads to be soft-started.

Manufacturing and Distribution

International manufacturing and distribution opportunities are available

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