Motor Drive Expertise


About Us

Fastec Ltd has over 10 Years experience in the development and application of Electrical Motor Drive Technology

Fastec Ltd has the technology, the products, and the experience  to run three phase motors on a single phase supply. With simplicity, easy installation, and reliability, we provide the best cost/performance solution for projects ranging from the simple to the complex.

The primary unit of our standard Drive is a pre-programmed power module. This has all the essential functions for typical applications such as on/off and reverse controls. Additional capacity for  larger motors  and functionality for more complex motor control functions  is then  easily added with additional modules and by integrating  a controller such as a PLC  (Programmable Logic Controller).  By matching the Drive capability to the motor and load requirements, Fastec is able to provide the most cost effective solution and one that is also simple to install and operate.

Our Products

We provide a range of motor drive solutions

A single to three phase motor driver for motors  up to 3kW. Drivers for motors up to 7.5kW capacity  will be available in the last quarter 2020.

A single to three phase power supply that converts single phase power to three phase power for equipment  up to 60kW

Two clutches developed by Fastec Ltd, -being an adjustable centrifugal clutch, and a spring clutch – which can each be used, either independently or in conjunction with a Fastec Drive, to soft start high inertia loads.

FASTEC - To drive three phase motors on a single phase power supply.

Our Services

We provide turn-key solutions

Not sure how to solve your motor drive problem?  Our consultants are experienced in motor drive technology and if our standard drive isn’t suitable  then we can design the best solution for you.

Have you  purchased a 3 phase machine and need to run it on a single phase supply? We can help you in reviewing the options and matching  a solution to your power supply.

Are you planning to build or install a new machine? We can design the complete electrical drive system for you.

Need help with driving a three phase motor on a single phase supply? We are the experts!