About Us

Fastec Ltd is a New Zealand Company with products that solve problems, with a single phase power supply, such as voltage drop, “in-rush current”, and spikes and fluctuations  that can prevent electric motor starting. Out products are technically advanced, low cost,  light weight and  “user friendly”.

In many communities  motors can  often  not be started because the supply was too “weak” to supply the “in-rush” current.  The Fastec Start is a simple way to start 3-phase electric motors (up to 3Kw capacity) from small 1-phase generators, PV, wind, or hydro systems with capacities as small as 5Kw. These systems can now be used to run  productive equipment. Also cheaper, more reliable 3-phase motors can be used on any 1-phase supply.

There was still a third problem to be addressed – the inability of small systems to start high inertia loads. The solution was  to use a “soft start” clutch, but it had to be light weight, low cost, and because the motor/load combination might vary, it has to be adjustable. The objective was to let the motor get up to speed before the load was engaged and to then bring the load to speed with a controlled slip,  ie a “soft start”. We invented a clutch, the Fastec Engage, that by matching  the starting characteristics of Fastec Start was able to meet those objectives.  Fastec Engage  not only provides a means of enhancing starting performance butalso is a very useful “soft start” clutch for use in in many applications.

If the power supply is able to run the load, then using our products, Fastec will be able to start it.