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Fastec Engage is a “two stage” “soft start” adjustable clutch originally  designed to complement the performance of Fastec Start. Fastec Start relies on energy stored in capacitors to start a motor/load combination and the amount of this energy is finite. This can be a limitation for  starting   high inertia loads. So  the Fastec Engage “soft start” clutch was designed to allow the motor to develop  speed  before any load is applied. When that speed is achieved, the motor will be connected to the power supply (if Fastec Start is being used) and at the same time the clutch  commences  a controlled engagement of the load using  (adjustable) slippage between the clutch plates to provide a “soft start”. When both the drive plate and driven plate are rotating at the same speed the clutch is  “locked” so that the load can be fully transferred. The clutch disengages when the motor stops.

FASTEC Powerflow

The Fastec Powerflow Electronic Load Governor maintains the output of small hydro generators to be at a constant frequency and  voltage.

The speed of these small generators may change as loads drawing power from the system  are switched “on or off”, and this change can  cause significant fluctuations in the  frequency and voltage of  the power supply.

The Fastec Powerflow Electronic Load Governor prevents these fluctuations by instantaneously switching “on” or “off”  a combination of ballast loads that are equal in capacity to the change in the “user” load. The total load on the generator, (and therefore the frequency and voltage supplied), remains constant,  preventing damage or disruption to the circuit or to appliances that are connected to it.


Fastec Start is a new and very innovative technology. It is a light weight, (4.5Kg), easy to install (is self calibrating), motor starter used to run  3- phase electric motors up to 5.5kW in size from a 1-phase supply.  There is minimal  in-rush current, no heat gain in the motor as a result of starting, and no harmonics back to the supply. As an example,  Fastec  will start a 5.5Kw submersible pump from a single phase supply with a 16 amp circuit breaker. For that size motor by comparison,  a variable speed drive would require a three phase power supply, or a rotary phase converter  would weigh in the order of 150Kg. Fastec is the ideal starter to use on rural networks, with small 1-phase generators, where the power supply is weak,  and where 3-phase power is not available.