About Us

Fastec Ltd has been producing, installing and developing technology for the efficient use of electric energy for over 20 years. Focusing on residential and small industrial use, Fastec Ltd has

  • produced an electronic load governor that is used in many countries to provide high quality power from small hydro generators.
  • Designed and manufactured an innovative way of starting 3 phase motors on a single phase supply while minimizing in-rush current
  • Designed 2 clutches, one a form of centrifugal clutch and the other a low cost spring loaded clutch,  that will allow high inertia loads to be soft started.
  • Developed a simple, low cost method of starting 3 phase motors on a single phase supply using inverter technology driven by software developed by Fastec Ltd. This provides an “easy use” menu and uses a modular approach to extend capability.
  • Extended the range over which inverter technology is commonly used to run 3 phase motors on a single phase supply, from 3kW up to 7.5kW.

Fastec Ltd has received a number of awards for it innovation, and has been supported in its research and development by the Callaghan Institute.

FASTEC Developments

The FASTEC Load Governor

The FASTEC Load Governor provides stable and “mains quality”  power from  small hydro power generators. It dynamically balances changes in the electrical load which could otherwise cause fluctuations in voltage and frequency.


FASTEC Start was designed to start a single phase motor on a three phase supply. It  minimized in rush current by using capacitors to pulse the motor only connecting to the mains supply when the motor had achieved an operating speed.


Fastec Engage is a “two stage” “soft start” adjustable clutch designed to soft start high inertia loads. The clutch was designed by Fastec Ltd to allow a motor to develop speed before any load is applied. Fastec Engage can be used as a component in a mechanical drive system and can be used in conjunction with Fastec Drive


Fastec Drive is a pre-programmed power module used for standard  applications.  Additional modules can be added to increase capacity  and a controller, such as  a  Programmable Logic Controller, can be  integrated.


FASTEC has received a number of awards

FASTEC (and its predecessor Powerflow Technologies Ltd) received awards  for its  load governor and  the FASTEC Start, as well as for innovation and enterprise.

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