About FASTEC Start

Fastec will run  3- phase electric motors up to 5.5kW in size from a 1-phase supply.

Fastec is a new and very innovative technology. It uses capacitors to start  a 3-phase motor from a 1-phase supply, but unlike traditional capacitor starts, Fastec controls the energy from the capacitors to bring the motor  up to speed before it is connected “on line”.

In -rush current is  minimised,  and so the size of motor that can be run on the power supply is determined by the operating current and not by the in-rush current. 

Starting does not cause any heat gain in the motor or harmonics on the supply.

It is a light weight, (4.5Kg), and easy to install.

As an example,  Fastec  will start a 5.5Kw submersible pump from a single phase supply with a 16 amp circuit breaker. By comparison,  a variable speed drive would require a three phase power supply, or a rotary phase converter  would weigh in the order of 150Kg.

Fastec  will start  a 2.2 kW 3-phase submersible pump using a 4kW 1-phase generator. Without Fastec, a 3-phase 6-8Kw generator would be required.

Fastec is the ideal starter to use on rural networks, with small 1-phase generators, where the power supply is weak,  and where 3-phase power is not available.

Fastec Start is plugged into a single phase outlet and connected to the 3-phase motor in delta for 230V or star for 400V. Using the Fastec auto start feature,  there is no change in the equipment controls.

Dimensions   Length 25cm x Width 27cm x Height 12cm.  Weight 3.1Kg

Applications are in Agriculture (pumping), Marine (small generators), Industrial (running 3-phase motors from 1-phase supply),  Renewable energy systems (expanding the system capability),  Original equipment manufacturers (avoid the need to convert from 3-phase), Power and line companies (solve difficult rural supply situations and reduce peak demand),  Organisations such as the military and disaster relief  needing portable power supplies  gain considerable weight and fuel savings by using Fastec with small 1-phase  generators.  To allow the replacement of 1-phase motors with 3-phase motors, To use the microprocessor capability to include specific control functions such as for pump controllers.
A 1-phase motor  is often only used because 3-phase power is not available. They are more expensive then 3-phase, are less efficient, have higher maintenance costs, have a shorter life and  can  be difficult to start. However using Fastec Start they can be replaced by the more efficient and less expensive  3-phase motors which can then  be used in many situations  where  the supply is 1-phase.
To view a copy of the Fastec Installation and Operating Guide, click here.


Fastec Start:

  •  Will start motors to power company standards without compromising performance.
  •  Starts the motor “off line” and disconnects from the motor  when the motor is started. Voltage drop on the power supply is minimized.
  •  Has lower transient in-rush currents for significantly shorter times then  other starting methods.
  •  Prevents heat build up in the motor.
  • A motor can have unlimited starts per hour without risk of damage.
  • Allows the motor to be fuse protected
  • Confirms when a motor is started.
  • Can solve problem motor starting.
  • Can start motors on power supplies where voltage drop may prevent other motor starters from being successful.
  • Fastec Start contains a microprocessor, and I/O and bluetooth capability that make it possible to customise for the inclusion of  control operations, such as pump controllers.
  • Can start and run 3- phase motors on a 1- phase supply line.

When started, a “run” capacitor provides the other (virtual) phase. There are no efficiency loses in Fastec Start, but a 3- phase motor running on a 1- phase line  will lose approximately 20% in efficiency. As many motors are over-rated this is usually not an issue, but where increased power output is required then Fastec uses additional components to prevent power loss.