FASTEC Drive References


FASTEC Drive was used to run a three phase hydraulic car stacker on a single phase (household) supply.  The FASTEC Drive also replaced the original control system  with the more “user friendly” controls of  either a wireless remote or a phone app. Please see the video for more details.


FASTEC Drive was used to run a portable three phase water blaster on a single phase (household) supply. The installation was simple and also added the option of adjusting  the water pressure  for different applications.

FASTEC Start References

(Note Fastec Start has now been superceded by Fastec Drive)


When Jason had the opportunity to purchase a second hand TOS HOSTIVAR grinding/milling machine, he was keen to do so as these specialist machines are hard to come by. The problem was that he did not have 3-phase power in his home workshop, and the cost of installing it was prohibitive. So he contacted Fastec Ltd who used a single Fastec Start to start and run all 5 of the grinder motors at 400V using an auto-transformer and  the machine control panel.  The only difference for Jason was the sequencing of the motor starts, and with that he was able to use the grinder from the single phase power point in his workshop. This application was the subject of an article in the Shed Magazine. If you would like to read the full article,  click here.


Industrial water blasters have a hard life and so the use of 3-phase motors is preferred, but  they are often to be  used where 3-phase power is not available.  Fastec Start was an excellent solution to the problem. A 2.2kW, 3-phase water blaster, fitted with Fastec Start has been is use for several years, including time at an equipment hire firm. The water blaster has been used both plugged into a 1-phase power point and also using a 4Kw 1-phase generator. 


Submersible pumps are often used in areas where 3-phase power is not available. . Fastec Start was used to run a 2.2Kw 3-phase submersible pump from either a small 1-phase generator or 1-phase supply.  To see a video of the pump running on 1-phase supply click here. To see a video of the same pump running using a small 1-phase generator click here.


An oiling machine makes a perfect application of finishing oils to  high quality decks. These machines are  all 3-phase  but often have to operate from a 1-phase supply. The machines have 4 small 3-phase motors. To operate the oiling machine, Fastec Start was installed with an auto transformer leaving   the machine controls  unchanged. It has now  has now coated a considerable length of decking timber running from 1-phase supplies.


A Marae (a Maori community) in a remote area in the far north of New Zealand has its  own butchery which uses a mincing machine and a band saw, both 3-phase. The mincing machine has a 4 pole 4Kw motor and the band saw has a 6 pole 1.1 Kw motor. Two Fastec Start’s were  used, one on each machine.  A power inductor was included in the the mincing machine circuit because of the higher power rating.  The local electrician quickly became familiar with the technology., and with the instructions available from Fastec, he was able to complete  the installations.


TESTIMONIAL The converter box (Fastec Start) arrived yesterday and like a kid on Christmas I couldn’t wait to give it a go! I hooked it back up without difficulty (thanks for the spare wire terminal ends) and on the very first go the saw was up and running. This is going to be quite a powerful piece of machinery! Thanks so much for all your support. I feel proud to be using such a clever well-designed Kiwi product.

All the best,